Updated Measures for Fighting
February 2022


Shooters will now impose a 4 game suspension for fighting. There will also be a 4 game suspension for 3rd, 4th or nth man in.


Verbal abuse, assault towards any player, coach, referee, fans or management will result in the player(s) being removed from the game. If the clock has 5 minutes or less in a game and the player earns a 5 minute penalty, that infraction will carry over into the next game. A suspension will carry over to subsequent seasons if needed. These measure have become necessary and we intend to strictly enforce them.


Our families, players, officials, fans and management deserve better.


January 2022


Shooters / Richard Kent is now strongly recommending that everyone wear a face mask, whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated, while attending games at Shooters.


Each time we have a team member infected by Covid, we have to quarantine teams and cancel games. This creates a financial burden on Shooters to keep its doors open and keep many ofour members from excessive doctor bills and illness.


We love hockey and the opportunity to serve you.


Stay safe, and thank you for your continued support.

Shooters Indoor Sportsplex Management